Covariance is proud to be an EHDEN certified partner in Greece



EHDEN (European Health Data and Evidence Network – was launched to address the current challenges in generating insights and evidence from real-world clinical data at scale, to support patients, clinicians, payers, regulators, governments, and the industry in understanding wellbeing, disease, treatments, outcomes and new therapeutics and devices.


EHDEN’s mission is to reduce the time of acting health data research and providing answers for health issues, by harmonizing 100 million anonymized health records over five years across multiple hospitals, primary care networks, regional databases, and similar, while developing a durable and sustainable network of mutual research interests.

Covariance has been certified by EHDEN after proof of its theoretical and practical capacity for standardizing health data to the OMOP Common Data Model (CDM).


Therefore, Covariance Team can perform all the steps needed in order to harmonize your data with the specifications of EHDEN and help you be a data partner:

   Analyze the source data and define the mapping logic to OMOP CDM in collaboration with the Data Partner
   Design, implement and test the ETL script(s)

   Assess the quality of the mapping and ETL together with the Data Partner
   Evaluate needed EHDEN ecosystem infrastructure at Data Partner’s site
   Create EHDEN ecosystem and configure OMOP CDM and tools in this ecosystem

   Provide training to Data Partner personnel on OMOP CDM and OHDSI tools
   Provide support as Data Partner participates in network studies

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