Healthcare Services

Unlocking the power of health care data to fuel innovation in medical research and improve patient care is at the heart of today’s health care revolution. It is made possible by advances in health care technologies and data digitalization and achieved through the analysis of real-world evidence contained within a given patient’s medical records.

A.I. in Insurance

Among others, Covariance Team enable healthcare organizations to:


  1. Support medical research: Analyse large, complex datasets easily and efficiently.                 
  2. Improve Infection Control: Identify the most effective treatments and therapies for your patients or for the public.
  3. Monitor the quality of patient care: Compare your organization’s practices with regional and national benchmarks and identify areas needing improvement.                          
  4. Improve operational efficiency: Monitor key performance indicators and strengthen your bottom line.
  5. Maintain accreditation: Support your internal processes for meeting accreditation requirements.   
  6. Combat healthcare fraud: Detect changing patterns in fraud, waste, and abuse so you can minimize their impact on your ability to deliver needed care. Protect public health: Speed the discovery of patterns in disease and facilitate the communication of results through open, interoperable predictive analytics solutions.


Precision & personalized medicine is becoming the new status Quo...

Coronavirus infections visualization shown in a graphical dashboard

Real World Data

Real world evidence significantly increases the success rate for drug market access and costs less than critical trial evidence...

Female nurse in nursing home

Health And Social Care Integration

Our people have significant experience of developing primary, secondary and community services...

Conceptual Scientific Background Cells and Molecules

Large Scale HDCN

AI based analysis of disease-networks in a large-scale perspective...

Ambulance vehicles on an hospital parking. Emergency transport

Predicting Hospital Readmissions

Patients with serious and chronic diseases are hospitalized for a period and then being discharged...

Laboratory testing patient’s sample in doctors hand

Medical Testing

AI based solutions can be used to help clinicians make better decisions by narrowing the types of tests that are likely to be useful for a patient...

Medical Monitor And Surgical Light

Predicting ICU Transfers

AI models can be used to find patients who are likely to crash...

Chief of Medicine Physician

Physician Profiling

The economic evaluation & qualitative assessment of physician’s profile is a measure of quality of a Healthcare Service...

Nurse and the patient

Patient Profiling

Development of innovative products & services based on patient understanding...

Hospital Work

Optimization of resources

Optimization of healthcare services with personalized care management interventions...

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