Human Resources

We improve the organizations’ workforce performance, by unlocking the treasure trove of workforce data using data analytics and AI. Having the “know-how”, we’ll help you identify trends and patterns, enhancing decision-making with data-driven approach.
AI in Human Resources

There is a growing demand for HR analytics as organizations focus on informed decision-making to improve their ability to hire and retain talent, forecast future workforce needs and create customized training programs. In today’s competitive market, coupled with a massive talent crunch for key positions, HR is seen more as a strategic partner than a support function, and with a critical role to play in the company’s success.

We enable our clients to outperform by providing them valuable information enhancing decision-making, and help them achieve increased efficiencies and improved employee satisfaction. As Deloitte reported in 2017, 71% of companies said they considered people analytics a high priority for their organization with 31% rating it “very important.”

  If you are determined to:
  enable fast, automated collection of candidate data from multiple sources
  reveal the patterns in your company’s employ turnover
  identify how long it takes to hire for specific roles within the organization, enabling departments to be more prepared and informed when the need to hire arises.
  identify the time and amount of investment needed for an employ to gain a fully productive speed
  evaluate the performance of your employees and departments
  identify the employees are most likely to leave within the year
  identify the factors that causes difficulties in your business processes
  automatically distribute your employees depending on peak ours etc.

Covariance Team provides the best solutions for your needs, with the use of data analytics and AI technics, driving your workforce performance to the next level.
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