Covariance Data Science Hub

Your most reliable partner in Biostatistics and Statistical programming

COVARIANCE Data Science HUB consists of a dedicated team of best-in-class talented Biostatisticians, Epidemiologists and Data Scientists of various seniority levels with extensive experience on the design, analysis, and data management of clinical trials across all clinical phases and multiple therapeutic areas, who are supervised by a highly qualified and trained at PhD level group of Academics and experts

Who we are

What we do

COVARIANCE Data Science HUB delivers to partners/clients high-quality biostatistics services from the preclinical stage to commercialization and beyond. The HUB’s scientists cooperate with the clients’ team to statistically design the clinical trials, at lower risk, in shorter timelines, on time and on budget. All the members of the team have the adaptability and breadth of experience to rapidly respond to the requirements of the clients and to deliver clinical trial outcomes safely.

What we do

The expertise of the Covariance Data Science Hub

All the members of the COVARIANCE Data Science HUB are fully trained and experienced in all biostatistics activities which are required in the context of a clinical trial and an epidemiological study, including:

   Study Design (Sample size/ Power Calculations)

   Adaptive and Bayesian designs

   Randomization services

   Statistical/ Methodological input to study protocols & Clinical Study Reports

   Statistical Analysis Plan development

   Interim and Final Statistical Analyses Reports

   Statistical/ Methodological input to scientific publications

   Preparation of integrated summaries of safety and efficacy measures for regulatory submissions

   Data Management and Validation

   SDTM & ADaM development and validation<br

   TLF programming with raw, SDTM & ADAM datasets

   SAS programming and SAS Macro generation

   R programming and R package generation

experise of the covariance data science hub

Why Covariance Hub



   Experience in large international projects

(Certified member of the European Health Data and Evidence Network)

   Deep understanding of clinical and epidemiological data

   Timely and on budget deliveries of clinical trial outcomes

   ISO accredited and GDPR compliant

   Compliant to ICH- GCP guidelines

   Win/Win collaborations culture

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