We work with retailers to manage more personalized customer experiences, increase sales and improve customer loyalty, through advanced Data Analytics and AI.

A.I in Retail

Nowadays, customers expect an engaging personalized experience when shopping online or in a store. According to Statista, in 2021, over 2.14 billion people worldwide are expected to purchase goods online and at the same time, global ecommerce sales is forecast at $4.891 trillion, which is the 19.6% of total sales.

The reason for choosing online shopping could vary from convenience to competitive prices. In addition to that, online businesses are trying their best to make sure that the experience of online shopping matches in-person shopping experiences. If customers can’t easily make a purchase, they’ll leave for a different retailer.

Covariance Team can help you improve your customers’ experience, increase their satisfaction and enhance their life time value to your business, by using advanced Data analytics and AI.


Product Recommendations

Product Recommendations

Increasing cross-sell and upsell with AI

Credit card security

Assortment Optimization

Stocking the right products to meet demand with AI

Pricing Optimization

Pricing Optimization

Maximizing profits with AI

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