The Intelligent Broker

Make more informed business decisions with data-driven insights


Strategic Advantage → Cost Reduction → Customer Satisfaction → Increased Revenue and ROI


Winning companies are improving services and offerings through advanced analytics that leverage data inputs and outputs to predict future events (predictive analytics) and how actions change an outcome (prescriptive analytics).  These insights help brokers spot opportunities in improving prospecting/cross-sell based on propensity to buy or introduce risk controls that will reduce future losses for their clients.

Many brokers  provide access to both structured and unstructured data. Third party sources are providing a deeper level of information to brokers such as demographics, exposures, prior coverage, buying behavior and claims. The culmination of data storage and third-party data access enables brokers to better use analytics for enhanced business insights.


   Descriptive analytics provide insight into what happened in the past, such as in pricing and coverage benchmarking using “like them” cluster analysis.
   Automation solutions have become more intelligent. They can be applied in combination with optical character recognition (OCR) and more advanced natural language processing (NLP) solutions to extract data from forms or e-mails, execute manual data entry into systems or templates, and complete rule-based manual processes in core broking administration or billing systems.
   Secure optimal price by Leveraging external market data to determine market prices.
   Deepen relationships by using machine learning to estimate propensity to buy and suggest appropriate products to cross-sell.
   Gauge sentiment by incorporating the Internet of Things to identify potential churn and engage with clients to improve retention.
   Improve loss control by real-time monitoring of internal and third-party data sources to identify risks to recommend preventive actions to limit and/or eliminate losses
   Design optimal coverage and program structure: Using machine learning to suggest optimal coverage, limits and deductibles
   Enhance customer service: Automatic issuance of certificates using virtual assistance
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