Unlocking the power of the data in travel industry, we can uncover hidden patterns, trends, customers behavior and make future predictions.
AI in Travel Industry
In 2018, travel and tourism was the second-fastest-growing sector, adding $8.8 trillion to the world’s GDP and 319 million mint-new jobs. People are travelling a lot more, and factors like social media and extended media coverage are increasing the reach to even the farthest corners of the world. As a result of this rapid increase in demand, the travel industry has grown as has competition between the companies. Therefore, companies try to find ways in order to retain their customers, engage new ones and provide them experiences customized in their needs and habits. If you are interested in:
  Understanding your customers better (e.g. Customer segments, associations)
  Increasing your customers’ retention
  Engaging new customers
  Predicting your customers’ behavior
  Making more personalized offers based on customer demographics, purchasing power and historical data
  Creating new product bundlings to make easier the customers’ experience and purchasing procedure

Covariance Team can help you manage them and increase your revenue and ROI, by using advanced Data Analytics and AI technics.
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